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2013: Les introduced his dahlias - Hillcrest Cody and Hillcrest Trent


                    Hillcrest Cody           Hillcrest Trent
  Hillcrest Cody   Hillcrest Trent
  this lavender small decorative is  full size, grow nine to ten up , as always great stems, very clean plants, not at its best when summer at its hottest, but improved as it cooled down. 
Les says 'I like it a lot, oh yes great colour!' 
  this yellow dahlia is a medium decorative of full size, great plants, stems, reflex of great depth, and centre, again improved as the weather cooled down this summer.


2012: Les introduced his dahlia - Hillcrest Duncan Edwards


  This Semi-Cactus dahlia won several classes at the 2012 NDS show at the Great Autumn Show - Harrogate.  It also won the Ron Nelson Memorial trophy for a new seedling of a giant or large flowered cultivar.  If grown 4 up it should be Large, if grown 8 up it should be Medium.  Although red, it holds its colour and does not damp off.   Hillcrest Duncan Edwards